May My Self Awakening Journey Be Of Service To Living Your Soul Inspired Life

(My apologies, this page under construction)

Hi, I'm Tracy.

While I'm referred to as many things across the globe: Spiritual Awakening Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Way Shower, Intuitive Healer, Starseed, Lightworker and so on. Personally, I do not label myself as anything. I am all, yet I am none. I am simply me – Tracy. Spirit in a body. An ever expanding, multidimensional being doing my best to continue to further develop as my Soul led path continues to unfold, moment by moment.

In honesty, this hasn't always been my knowing consciously or the path I walked. It has taken years of dedicated self-work to actualize this realization into what is my "truth" today.

To uncover “truth” through my own experiences and accept my purpose to BE here at this time is the reward. Living it, well this is daily practice of Awareness and Self-Mastery……..for us all!

While I would not wish the extremity of my own path up to this point upon anyone.  My heart and soul feels so blessed to connect with thousands worldwide through sharing aspects of my own journey and ever increasing abilities through raising my own vibration. Working with individuals, groups, cities, towns, countries, the mass collective and across the dimensions of existence through being the light and leading change.

Through passionately, openly and honestly sharing my major transformations, the struggles and triumphs of my journey after being guided to surrender to my higher calling. I have been intuitively moving and at times pushed, to where I am needed around the world to shine my light and share my heart, in both tangible and intangible realities.

After I unexpectedly began “free falling” into the unknown in an extreme way in 2010. When I was called to leave behind the securities of my country, income, family and comforts to move across the globe to complete deep inner work, mass collective clearings and carry out galactic missions, led by my higher self and angelic supports. I did not always go willingly for the toll on my "human" system was horrific! Yet I grew stronger.

There was no plan. No set destination. No end date. No logically defined goal or outcome. Just a KNOWING FEELING I gradually learnt to LISTEN to and TRUST in. The bigger picture and my part within it.

My role is to ignite the hearts and souls of thousands to “be the change”, by further Awakening their Authentic Self to confidently express their uniqueness in the world. I wish to remind you WHO you are at your core, and WHY you are here.

I hope to give you Courage to Surrender and Trust as your Soul Inspired Life unfolds moment by moment.


While most of the world is asleep it is our role to lovingly and gently wake them up.  - Tracy Radley