Accept Yourself As You Are – Perfectly Imperfect

Its amazing how we strive for perfection in our lives, whether it be in our career, our looks, our “perfect” family. We keep ourselves so focused on striving for perfection to the point we miss the fact we already are.

When we live our lives in each and every moment we are all as perfect as we can be. Perfection does not exist, hence we are all perfectly imperfect!

The sooner we accept our perceived imperfections, the happier, healthier and more peaceful our lives will be. This doesn’t mean don’t strive for change. It means we accept we don’t need to compete with others or ourselves adding pressure to our lives.

Is there an aspect of yourself or your life which you can accept now as perfectly imperfect and be at peace with it?

Please share it with us.

For me, I am accepting I am fumbling my way through another new and unexpected life path where my answer to most peoples questions about my direction is “I don’t know, I am just going with it each day” and I am growing ever more peaceful with it. 

Sending you love, Tracy. ox