Live consciously through life’s challenges – Change your story.

Every day we are given opportunities to see where we must change. Expand our consciousness to a place of more awareness. Self, others and existence itself.

Much of our expansion takes place through the challenges we face. We are given the option; make a choice to react and replay our old, worn out and dis-empowering programs. Or we can choose consciously. Respond with empowerment, awareness and create a new way.

It will always come back to you and your ability to see the moment or experience for more than the “superficial” appearance. No matter what takes place in your life, you have created it, consciously or not.

You do not have to be your past. Take back YOUR power. You have the choice on how you experience events in your life.

  • Choose consciously.

  • Choose wisely.

  • Create a new story.

Sending you love,

Tracy ❤ 

~ Awaken Your Authentic Self ™ Live Your Soul Inspired Life ~