New Perspectives Expand and Awaken You

Our mind is an amazing tool which depicts how we experience life. We have the ability to change our experiences by changing how we view it. We all have a choice!

As states by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama in one of my favourite books, The Art of Happiness; “The ability to look at life’s events from a different perspective can be very helpful. When practicing this, one can use certain experiences, certain tragedies to develop calmness of mind. One must realize that every phenomena, every event consists of different aspects.”

“For example, in my own case, I lost my country. From that viewpoint it is very tragic – and there are worse things. There is a lot of destruction happening in our country. That’s a very negative thing. But if I look at the same event from another angle, I realize that as a refugee there is no need for formalities, ceremonies, protocol. If everything were status quo, if things were okay, then on a lot of occasions you merely go through the motions; you pretend. But when you are passing through desperate situations, there’s no time to pretend. So from that angle, this tragic experience has been very useful for me. Also, being a refugee creates a lot of new opportunities for meeting with many people from different walks of life, those who I may not have met if I remained in my country. So in that sense it’s been very, very useful.”

Reflect on your own life and see what you can view from a new perspective and create calm in your mind and hence your life. 

For me, I no longer have a physical home base. This at times is extremely challenges as my mind rebels this unknown journey and my body yearns for stability. However I also see the opportunities it creates for me to grow in trust, strength and courage to follow my path and meet each day as a fresh start.

Sending you love,

Tracy, ox