Ascension: Rest and Ground Yourself.

Not sure about you, but I am am struggling to stay in my body today. Being pushed, pulled and stretched energetically across all dimensions. This is a daily norm for me, however today more intense.

I have barely been able to walk, breathe, focus or keep my eyes open. Very disoriented. Downloads constant and tuning in higher.

While I know it’s fine. I keep apologizing to my physical body.

What am I doing for myself?

1. Acknowledging I am safe and it will pass.
2. Reminding myself it’s a sign of greater advancement
3. It is out of my control. Flow with it.
4. Getting on the grass.
5. Adding grounding oils to my feet, such as cinnamon.
6. Consciously going even slower than my normal snail pace and not exerting myself.
7. Eating heavier foods as my system is asking for it, due to so much energy movement taking place in my system.
8. Telling myself to come back to my body and be present.

Hopefully some of my tools will assist you when you feel your not quite present.

Have a wonderful weekend and embrace whatever unfolds.