How I’ve learnt to ride the Wave. Pt. 16 SELF-LOVE Impacts Everyone

WOW how this year seems to be flying by. I don’t know where the last 5 months have gone! Feels like 2018 is just around the corner. Are you noticing it?

As you know each week I write from my personal experiences and about tools I use to help me live my life from a higher, more loving perspective. I do this to provide a different insight and allow you the opportunity to review the way you are choosing to experience yours. So I hope you are finding it helpful .

In this week’s note I am going to continue on from last week and talk a bit more about Self-Love and its importance to “Riding the Waves” in life.

As I previously mentioned, contrary to many beliefs, acts of self-love are not selfish acts when your intention is to realign yourself into a state of flow and balance, where you then naturally uplift others by your thoughts, words and actions. If you are taking actions based on your heart or higher-self’s calling, then in essence, you are supporting a shift in consciousness, which is of far greater benefit than your own personal gain. Therefore, for everyone’s sake, YOU MUST learn ways to practice self-love and respect for who you are and the personal journey you are on.

When you were born, you were born knowing unconditional love, trust, abundance and so forth. You, at your core, knew no different as this is the true essence or source in which you came from. Yet as you developed, you grew further and further from this natural, all-encompassing state of being. You were taught things like lack, limitation, judgement, fear, punishment and as a result, forgot what it is to be unconditionally loved, to feel completely safe and to know everything you want is available to you. You, as with everyone else, were tainted by human conditioning from the various societies we were raised in.

However, as more and more people are now beginning to WAKE – UP, as a whole, we are starting to remember and rediscover our true purity. People are becoming aware they are more than just this body and this perceived reality. WE ARE more than an individuals standing alone in this world, WE ARE also part of a bigger collective. What you do, say and think has the power to impact many. So in knowing this, you have a choice in how you want to contribute to the world you (your body) currently resides in, as well as the greater whole you are connected to.

So my question to you is, if you are practicing acts of self-love and creating the opportunities to realign with the love, joy and passion in your heart, which in turn lifts humanity, how can it be classed as selfish? To others, what you do may appear externally selfish and they will judge you for it. Especially if you suddenly change your behaviours or your perspective, which no longer fit in with what society calls “normal”. However, those who conform to “normal”, have not yet begun the journey of waking up. They do not understand the importance of tending to how they feel and how it actually creates transformation across so many spectrum’s. If they understood it from the collective perspective, they would not judge it the same way.

Now I am not imply you should be irresponsible. I mean you need to start looking at the way you are living and being more aware of the choices you make. If you have responsibilities which bind you and bring you down at times, then look for new ways to perceive and experience them which lift you up. We all have obligations, yet we can choose to experience them as blessings or burdens. It’s your choice!

I used to look at people following their passions and wish to be them, of have a different lifestyle to what I had and make unfounded assumptions about how easy other people’s lives seemed. Maybe you have done the same? Yet little did I know. I did not understand what was taking place inside them. External appearances do not tell the real story. We are masters of creating the stories we want to believe as truths in our minds.

Until I started my own inner journey, I did not know the work it took to create self-transformation. It takes courage to live outside the society “Norms”. Yet now walking the unwritten path for many years, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Self-love is something I have really struggled with over the years. Why? Because I was a giver. I really struggled in learning how to receive without feeling guilty or that someone else derived it more than me. Or feeling like I was then obligated or in indebted. So learning to receive, has been a part of my lesson in practicing self-love. Changing my thoughts and beliefs to know I am worthy of receiving, to know I am as deserving as everyone else. You are also worthy and deserving of both giving and receiving. It is a natural state of flowing harmony!

Below I have a scenario for you to consider. Its a tool to help you reflect on your life perspective and approach.

You have had a busy day. Your legs are aching because you have been running round for so many people and you feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained. You walk into your house and notice the kitchen is untidy, no dinner is organised and you just feel like screaming. Your mood and energy drops lower into a place of anger and resentment. You start thinking of all you have been doing which has made you exhausted. You start thinking about the expectations others have of you to come home and tend to them and their needs. How would you or do you respond to this? Noting there are obviously many variables within this scenario, just keeping it simple. If you live alone, alter the wording to depict a scenario relevant to you.

What I want you to consider is are you reacting or responding from a place of self-love and respect (considering your feels and needs)? What impact is your response having on the bigger collective in which you are part of? So in essence, what frequency or vibration is coming off of you? Are you sending anger vibes or are you sending more caring vibes?

A point to remember is, as I have previously discussed. You are a teacher/leader as people watch and learn from your behaviour? So what habits and thought patterns are you teaching those around you? This is MINDFULNESS.

Below I have added a few possible outcomes.

  1. Would you reluctantly push through your perceived chores sending out a strong vibe of unhappiness and potentially “snapping” at anyone who crosses your path? Sending into the bigger collective you are part of less than love vibrations? Teaching those around you how not to tend to your own feelings and needs because everyone else must come first? The world will not cope if you don’t clean up or cook right at this very moment.
  2. Would you come with the attitude of “Bugger Everyone Else”! They can fend for themselves. Also sending out resentment vibrations and teaching a level of selfishness (though ultimately a form of self-love, just from a lower tone).
  3. Would you ask for help? Would you order in a meal and decide the kitchen can wait because you need a bit of time to rest and recharge? Hence, sending out a warmer, caring vibe to the collective.
  4. Would you reconsider your thoughts as you come in and say to yourself. You know what, I love these people who reside with me. I know the world will not collapse if the kitchen is left untidy over night or if I order in dinner. However, I think I want to do these things because I can find a sense of joy and meaning in doing them. I’m grateful to have a family or friends to come home to. I’m grateful to have a kitchen to cook in and a roof over my head. Therefore, changing the vibration or frequency you send out to joy and appreciation.

Now there is no right or wrong in your response. It’s just a simple tool for self-reflection. I know myself, I have done them all and many variances in-between.

What I want you to see is how important your response is. Not just to your well-being, but to those in close proximity to you, as well as the bigger collective you are part of.

From this scenario, you can gauge where you are at in relation to self-love in your thoughts, words and actions and see how it can impact more than just yourself.

So this week, start looking at how you are choosing to respond to the situations which present in your life and consciously consider how it is impacting others.

Self-love is something we must all learn to master. It takes vigilance to catch yourself when you move away from it and determination to bring yourself back into alignment with it. Step by step, moment by moment we can start to become our own masters.

No matter what your life experience has been thus far, you have the opportunity to change it if it’s not working for you. YOU HAVE THE POWER!

In the coming weeks I will expand on my personal process, share my experiences and offer tools to help raise your awareness and assist your expansion further.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and discover how awesome you really are at your core? Then keep checking in on my YouTube and FB page for both spiritually based and practical tools.

I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

I invite you to check in on my posts as I unveil to you my journey back to the light. If you have any general questions, please feel free to post them in the comments.

If you would like personal support along your path from someone who has been there, send me a private message to discuss my services.

Many blessings to you, Tracy ox



  • As I am writing about my own path and experiences, please respect this is my interpretation and yours may differ on some subjects I bring up.
  • Remember everyone has a right to their own opinion, we are all unique and it is not for anyone to judge.
  • If you do not agree with something, take it as a personal lesson and reflection for yourself on where your beliefs/values sit.
  • If you post a comment, please make it positive and constructive.
  • Lastly, as I travel I don’t always have consistent internet, so please be patient and I will respond to any questions as promptly as possible and if I am last with a post, take it as a practice in patience 🙂


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