How I’ve learnt to ride the Wave. Pt. 21 Choose Your Response.

My Thailand Self-Retreat time is over and I am in Malaysia again. Honestly, my head and body didn’t want to leave the quiet, green location and come to the hectic, loud and distracting city. Yet my heart led the way back.

I wanted to share with you a summary of today’s events and let you contemplate how you would have responded or reacted. Through this example I hope you gain some insight on your approach to daily life situations. Are you in autopilot mode or making conscious decisions.

So my day started with me being tired when I got up. The night before I had decided to make the 1 hour (fast Tracy walk) into the city (which I usually avoid) to pay some bills and have a coffee while I waited for the place to open. Then spend the afternoon doing computer work. Deciding the walk in would be enough exercise and I would take the bus back and not subject myself to the cars, noise and fuel smells any longer than necessary. However, I also decided if it doesn’t go this way, I will accept whatever unfolds.

So, I left the apartment later than planned which meant I was walking the main roads in peak traffic (about 5km). For the first 5 minutes it irritated me, then I caught myself and decided to focus on the beautiful big old trees I was passing and did my best to notice each bird sound. As I got to one road I knew had Jasmine, I sucked in the refreshing and uplifting smells. The other roads I decided to notice the buildings I never really looked at in depth when I have travelled the same roads by car or motorbike. Before I knew it, an hour had passed and it was time for coffee. I managed to focus on finding the beauty for most of my walk and I barely noticed the city traffic as people went to work or the fact the my top was sweaty and smelly from the heat and humidity.

A couple of gentleman decided to comment on my appearance and I just chose to keep walking as if all I heard were birds chirping. I didn’t allow their comments to disturb the peace I had unexpectedly created in my mind.

After my coffee, I again walked in the heat another few blocks to make my transactions. Now I was the only one there and the lady behind the counter who had my papers just kept saying Just one minutes, time passed and again just one minute. This happened for about 15 minutes. Surprisingly it didn’t bother me as I had a message to say a friend was going to be in town and I was too distracted trying to google map my next location and the internet was slow. I got my transaction and my map completed with peace of mind.

Now with a new plan to walk the 1.5km to see this person and then still take the bus and be home by lunch time to be on the computer, I set off. Though now even hotter, it took me walking over 1km before I realised I went the wrong direction. So I turned around to go back where I came from to start again. Now the older version of Tracy would have got angry at myself, annoyed it was hot and that I was smelling even worse. Yet I just decided to accept I took a scenic walk to a new part of town. I was proud of myself for staying aware enough to chose a beneficial response to the situation I had created.

Now back where I started, I walk around the corner of the block to realise the road had a continuation, hence why I went the “scenic” way. No belittling myself, just a silly giggle instead.

Again walking for another 1.5 km, I acknowledged it was almost lunch time, yet decided to stay on because it felt right. I kept looking at the buildings as I hadn’t been this path before. So I decided it would be an adventure.

I finally arrived at the street where my friend was going to be, with no specific building number identified or time and I walked up and down maybe 4 times. After sending a few messages without response, I chose to sit in the park at one end under the tree. So with shoes off, I put my back on the tree and enjoyed the shade and my feet on the grass. Still no message to clarify the exact location of my friend after another 20 minutes, hunger called, so I thanked the park for its peace, beauty and shade and found my way to Little India along streets I hadn’t walked before.

There I enjoyed an awesome Nepali Thali meal, eating with my hands and happily making a mess. I really was surprised how well I managed to stay calm in circumstances which I could have let ruined my day.

By now its afternoon and I had become so aware of everything other than the traffic, I decided to walk back home a new way (this time over 5km). So I slowing made my way back doing my best to notice the trees, birds, buildings etc. Only noticing the traffic when I need to cross the road.

By the time I got home to start the computer work, it was 5pm.

Now in all honesty, I was a bit irritated about my friend, however I acknowledged my role in not meeting as the information wasn’t all clear to start with and I was pushing to see them (because it had been a while since we had caught up). Yet other than that. I had an absolutely random, adventurous and enjoyable day. I stayed in alignment, followed the signs to places I enjoyed, yet consciously wouldn’t have made the effort to go into the city for. So in hindsight, maybe the logical mind plan to see my friend, was the excuse I needed to explore and discover how much I do enjoy my own company and show I can see and experience the city blessings. Its the mindset.

Now the day is closing and its my bed time, I have manged to complete most of what I needed to complete on the computer with focus due to my relaxed state and feel wonderful I walked over 16km (my legs may not thank me tomorrow) in an environment I loved to make excuses to avoid!

The best part about today is my city mindset has changed because I was able to focus on the things I liked about it instead of placing my attention on the things I didn’t like. I also chose to care about the way I felt and made choices to keep myself feeling good, regardless of what was actually taking place in the external world.

So my suggestion to you. No matter what the situation is, do your best to choose an empowered and uplifting way to look at it. Yes I was reminded of patterns I need to change in relation to friendships and boundaries etc during today, but I have not let it ruin my day. I have taken note to be more vigilant next time something similar comes up and respond differently.

In the coming weeks I will expand on my personal process, share my experiences and offer tools to help raise your awareness and assist your expansion further.

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I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

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Many blessings to you, Tracy ox



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