How I’ve learnt to ride the Wave. Pt. 29 When You Let It Flow!

Apologies for being absent the past two weeks. I was conducting Intensive Life Mentoring & Light Language Healing Activations as guided in Thailand. Along with clearings and activations for the collective and self-expansion work with myself.

I have chosen to share this one experience in brief with you to demonstrate how wonderful things can turn out when you drop control and having expectations.

As you know I follow the calling and guidance of my heart as to where I go, what I say and what I do. So while waiting at the Kuala Lumpur Airport for my flight to Phuket, Thailand, I noticed an energetically vibrant lady and her daughter float past me. I felt the need to speak with them, yet not sure how. Moments later they disappeared from my view. So I thought, well maybe not.

Then while in the toilets before the flight, I noticed the young girl again, so I started a conversation. A fellow Aussie now living in Phuket. Minutes later I started a conversation with her mother and the conversation flowed so nicely. Our flight was delayed, so we chatted for quite some time and exchanged contact details. She kindly invited me to visit her on the island and possibly stay a couple of nights the following week.

We sat in different parts of the plane for the flight, yet they waited for me on arrival in Phuket to make sure I found transport to the area I was heading (which I only decided and booked 2 hours before while sitting at the KL airport). I was super grateful!

Within 24 hours I had unexpectedly (yet knowing on a deeper level) connected with “my perfect mirror” companion. It was absolutely amazing. Within 3 days we had hired a motorbike and ended up the other side of the island close to where the Australian lady I met lived. I contacted her to quickly drop by her home and say HELLO, however she offered us a room for the night. We were welcomed with open arms and open hearts. It was like being home. Sitting around a table of people we just met, yet settling in with ease. Like it was meant to be!

The next day my travel companion and I were offered their yacht to sleep on, if we wanted it. Never did I consciously see this coming. So over the course of 10 days, we spent half of them sleeping on the yacht. We could only get to the yacht and back to shore by paddle board, which depended on the tide/weather for food etc. It was simple and bliss.

The nights were complimentary for each experience which took place there. Calm clear nights to stormy waters with leaking windows, yet they all reflected the intense inner healing work and collective clearing which took place there.

Completely surrounded by the ocean water, it was like the “universe” lined it up so we could go deep and then truly light up the sky. Seriously, no words could actually describe the perfection of it all and it was well beyond anything I could have consciously dreamed.

The reason I share this is because so many people like to PLAN EVERYTHING in advance. There is a need to CONTROL what you want to have happen or experience. However, when you learn to LET GO and LET IT FLOW, you create the space for NEW EXPERIENCES and OPPORTUNITIES to come your way.

It seriously has taken me years to learn to LET GO, yet I am living proof IT IS POSSIBLE and I wouldn’t change a thing! When you can move past the FEARS OF THE UNKNOWN and the NEED TO HANG ON, you start to embrace the excitement of what may be. It is like you truly LIVE LIFE and no longer MERELY EXIST within it.

When you learn to TRUST, you know with FULL FAITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED WILL BE PROVIDED FOR, plus more. You simply have to MASTER letting go of the EGO WANTS and EXPECTATIONS! While you hold these tight, you block the new coming in and hold yourself back from expansion and fulfillment.

So if you are feeling the INNER PUSH to CREATE CHANGE and EMBRACE YOUR LIFE with NEW AWARENESS and NEW TOOLS, you can join me in CAMBODIA during November for Individual or Small Group Intensive Mentoring/Healing personalized programs. ALLOW me to SUPPORT you to fast track your ability to TRUST, ALLOW and SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Places and dates are limited as I also know I am there for bigger picture collective shifts. So contact me for details.

As normal, I am also available for private consults online.

In the coming weeks I will expand on my personal process, share my experiences and offer tools to help raise your awareness and assist your expansion further.

If you have any comments or feedback, I would love to hear from you. So post them below.

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I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

If you would like personal support along your path from someone who has been there, send me a private message to discuss my mentoring/coaching services.

Many blessings to you, Tracy ox


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