How I’ve learnt to Ride the Wave Pt. 37 What SUPPORT Do You Have As You Go Through Change?

How have you been doing this past week?

For me, I’ve gone from super charged, productive and in the flow to barely moving, doing only the basics as my system purges. The fluctuating high to low to high energy over and over again. Quite the roller coaster to say the least!

Can you relate to this?

The feeling when it looks like things are finally moving forward, making sense and then out of know where, a speed bump arrives in front of you. Then BAM! Your back to where you started and all the negative emotions and thoughts kick in. The high you just started to embrace, giving you hope and inspiration this Ascension/Raising Consciousness Journey is worth it, then a whack in the face and you fall in a heap.

Sounding familiar?

Well let me tell you, there are tools to help you remain calm and more at peace during these periods of releasing, integration and expansion. MINDSET and PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS which give you an entirely new, HIGHER UNDERSTANDING or REALIZATION on what is taking place in your life and how to see the blessings in the process. When you come from the “higher perspective”, things make more sense and you can create change in your life so much faster.

I have spent many years unexpectedly in Asia, studying and most importantly, testing for myself strategies, systems, religious processes and theories, both practical and spiritually based, to see what works for me. I have a full bag of tools to draw upon when required to help me do my best to MASTER MYSELF. For the most part these days, I can ACCEPT where my life currently is, yet also KNOW in essence where I am heading. Without all the details in between. The process of LETTING GO OF CONTROL and ALLOWING LIFE TO UNFOLD FOR ME. Honestly, not an easy journey to OVER COME the LOWER SELF/EGO ASPECTS, yet so worth it. Its DAILY PRACTICE and some are easier than others!

So what do I do, on the cognitive level

  • I wish to ACCEPT WHAT IS by ACKNOWLEDGING my emotions/thoughts/physical body symptoms in the PRESENT MOMENT,
  • Allowing them the rise and release, while doing my best to not give them power over me by JUDGING, BLAMING or OVER ANALYZING.
  • Then reminding myself to choose NON-ATTACHMENT to them, for I understand is is NOT PERMANENT, it will change. For this is a universal law. Through realizing this is all part of the evolution process and I have control on how I CHOOSE TO RESPOND, it makes it an EMPOWERING PROCESS.

Now to back these MENTAL SHIFTS up, action tools are also needed and I have a large array of different tools, as different situations require different tools. Some energetic healing tools and others practical everyday, “lift my” mood tools.

So I ask.

  • Do you have the RIGHT TOOLS in YOUR OWN TOOL BAG?

If not and you want some support, then reach out for it.

As 2017 comes to a close, so too do my current PERSONALLY TAILORED, INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING/HEALING PACKAGES and INTENSIVES prices. So if you feel aligned with me and want to learn more about what I can do to support your journey, please make contact and sign up by December 31st to secure the current prices. SAVE $$$.

I only work with those I align with, so if you feel it too, then lets ARRANGE A FREE CHAT and see where it leads from there.

The next CHAPTER in your life STARTS WITH YOU!



One of the main reasons I have been walking this path of self-rediscovery, having a huge contrast of experiences and pushing myself to grow is so I can BE HERE FOR YOU!


Through private, uniquely tailored Mentoring and/or Healing sessions, I am here to SUPPORT you to fast track your ability to TRUST, ALLOW and SHINE YOUR LIGHT, your way!

Using practical and/or spiritually based tools, I WALK BESIDE YOU, at YOUR PACE, until YOU ARE READY TO FLY on your own.

So if you are feeling a CONNECTION TO ME, then I encourage you to reach out and contact me. We can then arrange a suitable time to chat to determine if we are a suitable match to work together. All it takes is one message to start creating a new life!

Email: or Private Message me on facebook.

In the coming weeks I will expand on my personal process, share my experiences and offer tools to help raise your awareness and assist your expansion further.

If you have any comments or feedback, I would love to hear from you.

I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

Many blessings and much love to you, Tracy. ox


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