How I’ve learnt to Ride the Wave Pt. 38 The Small Steps make the Journey.

I am not sure about you, but I am certainly looking forward to this year, as I sense many of the seeds I have planted over the past few years will be sprouting. YAY!

What I have learnt over the years of inner discovery and self-transformation is IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY!

Life is not about any set destination or outcome to be reached RIGHT NOW! It’s about SELF MASTERY and our daily lives give us ample opportunity to practice this. Every challenge we overcome, every fear we face, every new skill we learn, every realization we have, every relationship we encounter. This is what it’s about!

It’s the incremental and sometimes “annoying”, seeming “insignificant” or “slow” baby steps we take along the way which are the SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS! For without these, we get no where. We cannot reach for any end goal without the small milestones along the way. In reality, once we reach a goal, we create a new one anyway. It’s a continuous cycle of change.

So we need to EMBRACE all the small stuff, because they are all vital to the bigger picture of life, which we are not privy to.

WE need to LET GO OF CONTROL and the IT MUST BE NOW, MY WAY programming. This is not natural to our TRUEST STATE OF BEING. Life is to flow and unfold with ease. It is US who get in the way.

So I encourage you to take note of all your SMALL ACHIEVEMENTS and know they collectively are the goals along the journey of YOUR LIFE!

Wishing you a wonderful week.


One of the main reasons I have been walking this path of self-rediscovery, having a huge contrast of experiences and pushing myself to grow is so I can BE HERE FOR YOU!


Through private, uniquely tailored Mentoring and/or Healing sessions, I am here to SUPPORT you to fast track your ability to TRUST, ALLOW and SHINE YOUR LIGHT, your way!

Using practical and/or spiritually based tools, I WALK BESIDE YOU, at YOUR PACE, until YOU ARE READY TO FLY on your own.

So if you are feeling a CONNECTION TO ME, then I encourage you to contact me. We can then arrange a suitable time to chat to determine if we are a suitable match to work together. All it takes is one message to start creating a new life!

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I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

Many blessings and much love to you, Tracy. ox


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