How I’ve learnt to ride the Wave. Pt. 6 ACCEPTING WHAT IS – WRAP UP!!

Over the past months I have started to discuss the basics of my system to Ride the Wave of life from a wiser, stronger, heart aligned and trusting standpoint. In the previous few notes I’ve focused on my first step ACCEPTING WHAT IS (in the moment) as it has applied to my life and experiences. This week I will wrap it up, so we can move on to the next step.

So in essence, to ACCEPT WHAT IS allows you to be in an empowered state of awareness, where you can take personal responsibility for your life and how you choose to live and experience it. Through ACCEPTING WHAT IS (in the moment), you create the opportunity to make more conscious decisions to respond and not react to situations and circumstances which arise in your inner and external world. So you do have control of what you experience.

Through ACCEPTING WHAT IS you are enabling yourself to see what appears as truth at each moment in time. By doing this you then have the ability to create the next moment differently.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s easy to accept what is (or at least appear to) when things are going well for you. Life is just cruising along nicely. It’s when the speed bumps turn up we really have to step up to ACCEPTANCE, so we can ride the wave with more grace and understanding.

So I put it to you. When life throws a curve ball your way, large or small, just stop for a moment and accept it. Once you have done this, look at your thoughts, actions and words to bring in a new, higher perspective of the event.

Here is an example from myself today.

I’ve been doing some physical healing, which has kept me indoors to recover for the last 10 days doing very little. Today my body has been restless as I am not to do exercise and those who know me, know I love to be bare foot and outdoors. So my body has been screaming at me. LET ME MOVE!!

I was mentally and emotionally prepared to do little for 2 weeks, yet wasn’t expecting these strong feelings of “stuck & confined” to kick in. So what did I do? I ACCEPTED and acknowledged my “stuck & confined” feeling and that I’m indoors a few more days. Swimming, running, gym etc. is not going to happen.

Yet my body was telling me I’m ready to do more than sit and rest. My answer to lift myself from these feelings, I put on some daggy 80’s and 90’s music and just allowed my body to flow with the beats as it was able to. No jumping around, just flowing. I did this for an hour. The result. My body no longer felt stagnant and stuck, my mind was clearer and I didn’t strain myself. In fact, by listening and respecting the call of my body, I was able to clear some energy blockages and realign myself.

So from this you can see, I’ve ACCEPTED my current limitations, yet without dwelling on what I’d rather be doing, I found a solution which ended up a fun experience.

I ask you to experiment with it. Look at some of the things happening in your life. Can you accept them? Remember, accepting doesn’t mean agreeing. Once you give yourself permission to accept, you have dropped the resistance hence giving yourself the power to choose your next thought, your next action, your next word.

ACCEPT WHAT IS (in the moment), so the RESISTANCE and STRUGGLE have the opportunity to stop and you take back your power to choose the life you want to live. Let me know how you go in the comments below.

In the coming weeks I will expand on this, my experiences and other tools to help raise your awareness and assist your own expansion further.

I am Tracy Radley, a healer by heart and a leader by trait. I offer you is honesty, integrity and passion in all my interactions with you. May my discoveries be of support and inspiration as you further awaken to your own uniqueness and power.

I invite you to check in on my posts as I unveil to you my journey back to the light. If you have any general questions, please feel free to post them in the comments.

If you would like personal support along your path from someone who has been there, send me a private message to discuss my services.

Many blessings to you, Tracy ox



  • As I am writing about my own path and experiences, please respect this is my interpretation and yours may differ on some subjects I bring up.
  • Remember everyone has a right to their own opinion, we are all unique and it is not for anyone to judge.
  • If you do not agree with something, take it as a personal lesson and reflection for yourself on where your beliefs/values sit.
  • If you post a comment, please make it positive and constructive.
  • Lastly, as I travel I don’t always have consistent internet, so please be patient and I will respond to any questions as promptly as possible and if I am last with a post, take it as a practice in patience 🙂


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