Judgement holds you back from Self Love

Have you noticed you JUDGE yourself or others by appearances? Either the physical body or the material things in life? Do you know why you do this?

Throughout our existance we have been “trained” or “programmed” with BELIEF SYSTEMS which teach us things like lack/limitations, fear, doubt, jealously, greed and competition. As a result the development of low self-esteem, feeling unworthy, unloved, not good enough and so forth has been created. Is this you? Can you see this in your life?

These systems completely contradict who we truly are. Loving, beautiful, abundant and eternal beings of light. No exceptions!

Judge by appearances is because of a LACK OF LOVE within and for themselves. All the “programming” has created a barrier to our TRUE ESSENCE.

When you reflect on the happiest and most loving people, who simply SHINE RADIANCE, they are the ones who have learnt to LOVE and RESPECT themselves. No matter their material status or their physical bodies, their BEAUTY GLOWS due to the PURITY and PEACE in the HEARTS. When you are in the presence of these people, all you notice is their LIGHT!

Are you one of these people?

If you want to be one of the authentically beautiful people, you must do the INNER WORK. Look below the surface and see the light which shines from within, from the HEART.

Only when you do the INNER WORK on yourself, will judgement in any form be eradicated from your life. This is when you get to experience the transformation in your heart to LOVE and TRUE BEAUTY.

Would you like to create the change in this, or any area of your life you feel “STUCK” in? If so, send me a message and lets see if I am the right person to be there as a support for your transformation.

Many blessings and much love on your journey.

Tracy ❤️

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