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The journey I have walked to be here with you today is vast in both the physical earth realm and across the dimensions. This is mostly untold to the wider world for they were not ready to receive my experiences, my message or my light. Being called from within to SURRENDER a life of logic, comfort and security to follow the unpredictable, unexplainable and at times life threatening Soul lead journey, has been too much for many to comprehend.

However, times are changing and the calling for Self-Expansion within the Hearts and Souls of many has increased. I am now able to share more and more of my personal awakening journey, higher missions and ever expanding healing abilities to assist the Self-Awakening of others. For this is my mission. Leading by example you can Awaken Your Authentic Self and Live Your Soul Inspired Life. Uplifting and inspiring others to Surrender to the unknown and develop Trust in the bigger picture unfolding, moment by moment.

Are you guided to be part of spreading this message with me?

Time with Tracy is a unique “Experience”. A beautiful and expansive opportunity to feel understood, accepted and connected. Tracy will only see you for who you truly are behind the masks you have been trained to wear and beyond the limitations you currently hold. Shining a light on your soul’s path and your life of unlimited possibilities. You will not only be provided with effective tools and wisdom to assist your journey of self-mastery. Tracy will also reignite your inner strength, courage and hope to continue on the ever unfolding path to further Awaken the Truth of who you really are. Layer by layer your authenticity is revealed.

Cynthia - Washington, USA

My passion and joy is interacting with those ready to receive and expand themselves. I’m blessed to be able to intuitively adapt to the hearts and souls of my audience. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or religious beliefs, if the individual Soul is open, I can meet them where they are at. Whether it be sharing intuitive guidance, wisdom and deep profound levels of healing across the dimensions or more practical tools to bring new, higher perspective insights for every day implementation.

Some of the topics I have covered previously which may assist your audience include, yet are not limited to the following:

  • What Is My Purpose? Why Am I Here?
  • Soul Inspired Life – What is this?
  • Light Language – The Purest Form of Soul to Soul Communication fast tracking your Awakening
  • Embracing your Uniqueness & Your Place in the Universe
  • The Importance of Your Relationship with Self, and how this relates to your journey here on Earth
  • How to Open Your Heart to Unconditional Love
  • Self-Responsibility is Your Power
  • Challenges are part of the journey, and how to handle these with grace
  • Life's Journey - How to Play the Hand You Were Dealt
  • The Art of Tapping into Cosmic Abundance
  • Dealing with CONTROL and the limits this can place on your life
  • TRUST and SURRENDER - the Ultimate Power Struggle
  • Living Consciously - Choosing how you experience what life presents to you. 
  • How to Master the illusion of FEAR
  • Accepting and Rising above Extreme Emotions
  • Mindset Shifts for Self-Reassurance
  • Expanding and Embracing Your Divine Gifts
  • The Art of Recognizing the Patterns of Self-Sabotage
  • The importance of Solitude and Reflection in a World of Chaos

Assuming you have viewed this website and connected with my videos, you will see I am able to offer authentic heart centered, soul connected content to support the awakening of the Authentic Self and the greater collective shift.

While “Spirit” or the “Divine” naturally speaks through me, if the opportunity aligns and I am guided to do so, I will gladly bring through deeply profound clearing and activations via high vibrational frequency Light Language transmissions to reconnect you and your audience with heart and soul.

If you feel drawn to explore the opportunity of collaborating in a joint venture, please click the button below and complete the proposal request. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi, I'm Tracy.

While I am referred to as many things across the globe, I am simply ME - Tracy. Spirit in a body. An ever expanding multidimensional being doing my best to further develop as my Soul led path continues to unfold, moment by moment.


Embrace the contract. You attract every experience into your life for your Self Awakening and Souls expansion. You never take on more than you can handle. No exceptions! - Tracy Radley