"Lift My Spirit" Mist Range

The Light Language infused “Lift My Spirit” Mist range is a unique series. Intuitively guided to create shifts across the dimensions and lifetimes of your existence. As a result, supporting your self awakening journey.

I program each mist with powerful Light Language DNA Activation transmission frequencies via song, sound, toning and coded symbols. Therefore, they connect directly with your Heart, Soul and Higher Self. Thus, gently releasing obstacles to living your Soul Inspired Life.

I use 100% pure essential oils, crystal infused water and Himalayan salts as the base. The “Lift My Spirit” Mist range is hand blended for you with love.

To maintain the mists purity and longevity, I tune-in energetically when guided to re-charge and program them. They evolve as you do!

SAVE on bulk postage. Invest in 1, 2 or 3 mists and pay the postage rate for 1 when purchased in a single transaction.

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