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Know I do practice tough, yet supportive love to get you to where you need to be. Triggering your old limiting beliefs and programs every step of the way, for this is where expansion takes place.

Therefore, if you are ready to face your fears in a safe environment. To let go of the excuses and commit your time, money and energy into embracing and living YOUR Soul Inspire Life as I have mine, then working with me will be priceless to you if you are guided to do so.

Please note: hese will all be paid events. My role is to lead a new way of living. Giving and receiving for higher learning and Soul growth for all parties involved, not based on dated logic programs/beliefs. Therefore, I will be guided on the exchange amounts relating to Soul/Personal expansion value. Exchange amounts will not be based on time duration nor compared with others. They are guided based on the depth of reach I have to assist fast tracking your Soul progress through my experiences, abilities and your readiness to receive. The reach across all levels of your being through both cognitive mentoring support and the multidimensional work and energetic upgrades I do simultaneously. This teaching may be a new concept for many, however this is where living beyond your perceived limitations will flourish and I will lead you through this.