We were trained to wear Masks to fit in.

In life we have all learnt to WEAR MASKS to FIT IN. It is when we speak, act and even think against what we know to be TRUE and REAL at our core.

Why are we like this?

We have been PROGRAMMED this way! Life time upon life time we have been taught to BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. DON’T MAKE A SCENE, ITS WEAK TO SHOW VULNERABILITY etc. Hence we hide behind a facade. SHOWING or REVEALING to PLEASE OTHERS or to PROTECT OURSELVES.

Now consider this. Can you see where you do this? HOW DO YOU FEEL when you cannot be honest, speak your truth and do what FILLS YOUR HEART WITH JOY? Not great huh! Constrained, held back, anger, isolated?

Well guess what, while you are being FAKE and not being AUTHENTIC, so are many others for similar reasons to you. FEAR, INSECURITY and numerous others. This is a LEARNT CYCLE or PATTERN OF BEHAVIOUR/THINKING which needs to change.

When you LOOK DEEP INTO THE EYES of another being, you will see THEIR TRUTH. Regardless of what they show externally to the world, the EYES CANNOT LIE, if you take the time to really look.


So I ask you:

  • When did you last look into someones eyes?
  • When did you last let someone look deep into yours?
  • Was it a magical experiences or were you fearful of what they way see?

Ponder on this:

  • Are you hiding and why?
  • Why do the people you know hide from you?

Personally, I LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYES. Many find it confronting as they are not used to it, however I have nothing to hide and want others to know they ARE SAFE and DON’T NEED TO HIDE FROM ME, AS I SEE THEIR TRUTH BEHIND THE LAYERS OF PROTECTION.

I see beautiful, love and light shining, simply waiting for the opportunity to be released. No Expectations!

So if you wish to stop hiding or to support others to be comfortable to be themselves, then send me a message and lets see if I am the right person to be there as a support for your transformation.

CHANGE IS POSSIBLE with the right tools and support!

Many blessings and much love on your journey.

Tracy ❤️

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/tracyradley