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Congratulations for loving yourself enough to take this guided action step. Regardless if we work together through a program or not, just by completing this form you have shown commitment to your journey and further awakening your authentic self. YAY you!

To assist me in determining if I am the most appropriate mentor for your unique needs, I ask you to please complete the questions below and submit to me at your earliest convenience.


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FAQs—Uniquely Tailored, Intuitively Guided Soul Mentoring Program

What are the pre-requisites for working together through mentoring?

There are no formal prerequisites to the Uniquely Tailored, Intuitively Guided, Mentoring programs, as each program is personally tailored to the level of the individual. I do not believe in classifications. If you are ready you are ready. However, you will need to have watched some of my free videos online to ensure you have a soul directed connection to have me as your mentor.

You must also value my experience and be committed to investing in your awakening journey. Time, money and effort to achieve the best outcome.

What is the duration of the Uniquely Tailored, Intuitively Guided Soul mentoring Program?

This program in essence is based on 12 weeks of weekly contact to enable the establishment of a solid foundation to Self-Mastery and Self-Awakening. However, as the programs are personally tailored to each individual Souls journey, the exact program design will be determined and discussed during the introductory “Soul Expansion - Try Me Out” session. Alternative options, such as month by month or intensive days may be more appropriate depending on your needs and stage in your Awakening journey.

How do we connect during the mentoring relationship?

In most instances we have weekly contact, face to face via the internet. When session dates are determined, a Zoom meeting link will be sent to you. (Zoom is an online video call program/app which is free for you to install on your computer or smart phone. Secure and private.) At the time of our scheduled meeting all you’ll have to do is click on the Zoom link to connect with me.

This is a general outline, as your mentoring program will be based on your individual needs and progress. The program has the flexibility to evolve and adapt as you do. No one program or structure fits all.

What can I expect during our time together?

As you will experience in our introductory session, I am energetically connected to you and our souls are conversing. I act as a conduit to provide high vibrational shifts and upgrades from a multidimensional and cellular level. While at the same time speaking with you in English to support you from a cognitive, logical perspective for your earth journey. If it is needed (as guided by your soul or higher self), a Light Language transmission may come through specific for you. However this is not always needed as I am constantly sending you codes and working on your system as we speak anyway.

This session allows you to reconnect with your heart and soul to fast track your self-realizations.

As needed, we can converse via email between sessions and I will be giving you intuitively guided self-awareness homework based on your specific needs during each session.

If I am guided, you may receive additional bonuses and extras relevant to you.


What am I actually investing in?

In truth, you are investing in yourself. In becoming the most authentic version of yourself you can be. You are investing in self-transformation and growth, which impacts every area of your life. You would not be reading this now if you didn’t feel the inner push for change, enabling you to expand from who you are now into the you know from your core you have the potential to be.

In the form of mentoring, you are investing in more than yourself. Your growth greatly impacts those around you and the bigger picture of the collective evolution. We each have our role to play. It comes down to when you are ready to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what you as an individual want to contribute to the whole.

Remember, the decision to enhance and embrace all aspects of who you are, why you are here and how you choose to exist and live in your physical body has the potential to create a great ripple effect which benefits us all.

The choice to transform your life starts and ends with you! It is your decision to keep your wings chained, living your life small or committing to evolve no matter what.

Value for money?

What you perceive as value is unique to you and the thing you are considering investing in.

You need to answer the questions:

  • How does this investment bring value to my life?
  • If this can assist me to solve my issues, challenges and concerns to transform my life for the better, how important is it to me?
  • What would my life look like if XYZ issuer were resolved?

In most instances, people would say to have their issues solved is PRICELESS. For then they can move forward to a whole new beginning.

The value you place in investing in yourself to move yourself forward is a perception based on your current internal programming around money and how you value yourself. Does your current programming need an upgrade?

You need to make the decision of what brings value to your life and what doesn’t. No one else can decide this for you.

If you feel it in your heart, SURRENDER and TRUST. If it is to be, IT WIL BE!

Interested in Mentoring, yet feel you have Money Blocks?

While most people have programed “money” blocks, if you feel a particular investment is meant for you, the “Abundance” will flow if you allow yourself to be open to receive in new, unexpected ways. Not simply looking at your current bank balance and instantly creating a limitation. For in truth, nothing is limited expect our beliefs.

Do not close the door due to your current financial status. Take the higher path of surrender to your soul leading and providing a solution. Not your logic. For it is usually stuck in lack, self-sabotage or fear based thought patterns.

If you feel it in your heart, SURRENDER and TRUST. If it is to be, IT WIL BE!


If you have been following my journey you will already know I am a global/galactic citizen. I may be on the move to different parts of the world at short notice, as I am needed to complete other galactic missions or the like. Therefore, it is important to note flexibility may be required on both sides to aligning time zones. They are always scheduled in divine timing.


No Refunds

Before your time and my time is committed, I make every effort to establish we have the potential to be an awesome fit for developing our mentoring relationship, regardless of its duration.

Soul Expansion - Try Me Out - Introductory Session

If you have followed the application process on this website and have been accepted for the “Soul Expansion - Try Me Out” introductory session, with a date scheduled and payment made, no refund will be made. However, it is possible to reschedule your booking. Please contact me to arrange any alterations to your booking.

Uniquely Tailored, Intuitively Guided Soul Mentoring Program

If you have commenced your program it means we have already established a mutually compatible working relationship via the “Soul Expansion Try Me Out” introductory session. Therefore, refunds are not available should you change your mind or decide to quit.

Booking Cancellations - Reschedules

While I go with the flow, mutual respect is required for cancelling and rescheduling appointments. Where possible, 48 hours’ notice is appreciated, however, I understand if unexpected emergencies arise and will do my best to accommodate for this.

No Shows

If you don’t show up to your scheduled “Soul Expansion Try Me Out” scheduled booking, your session will be forfeited.

If you have committed to your Uniquely Tailored, Intuitively Guided Soul Mentoring Program and you don’t show up for two appointments (without notification or rescheduling), or if there is a series of rescheduling with good reason, we will need to discuss whether or not mentoring is appropriate for you at this time.

It's a beautiful action you have taken of self-love.

Your awakening supports the collective shift.

Everyone has a unique path. Don't let fear and perceived limitations prevent you from discovering it. Be patient as it unfolds.

- Tracy Radley