High frequency codes subtly supporting your Self-Awakening journey across cellular and multidimensional levels of your being.

Welcome to my Light Language Activation Symbols / Codes page. You have been guided here for you are ready to connect with the array of high vibrational images intuitively transmitted to assist your awakening and the collective shift across the dimensions.

It's not necessary for you to have a conscious awareness of what Light Language Symbols are or how they work. Your Heart, Soul and Higher Self understands and integrates them perfectly.

New to Light Language Activation Symbols?

TRUST. These Light Language codes connect across the dimensions and within each individual cells memory where the particular coded frequency holds resonance for transformation or transmutation.

In simple truth, these symbols are high frequency codes or keys of light connecting and activating your entire being and all that is. You are receiving, whether you are conscious of it or not, ancient knowledge direct to your cells and the memories held within. This includes, but is not limited to, awakening dormant DNA and transmuting DNA which no longer holds resonance to your next level of evolution.

The codes, along with the other forms of light language work multidimensionally through their higher vibrations. Gently penetrating lower energy density levels, shifting and lifting them. The codes are pure streams of light or divine consciousness speaking the universal language of love, in the form of vibrating frequency beyond our logical comprehension.

There is nothing special you need to do to receive the activations. Just by scrolling through the images you allow them in. Follow your intuition as you view them. Some may catch your eye more than others. If so, you can spend some time viewing them as an object of mediation, closing your eyes and asking the vibrations to connect with you or ask for any messages they may want you to be aware of.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, you may notice shifts and activation taking place within your system and beyond. However, for most it is a “deeper knowing” it is assisting them and they have found the codes for a higher reason defying logic.

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When your triggers are set off take the higher perspective and be grateful. You are being given an opportunity to choose a new response and change your old story. - Tracy Radley